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Frequently Asked 

How old does my child have to be to attend?

The Kids Retreat welcomes all children who have completed 1st grade up to High Schoolers going into 12th grade.

How will my child get to camp?

Children will be transported via charter bus to the campsite from designated pick-up locations. After camp, they are to be picked up from the designated pick-up location.

To view busing arrangements, please refer to the transportation tab. 

What will my child eat?

Your child's health is very important to us. Fresh breakfast, lunch, & dinner are served daily as well as snacks in between meals.

What if my child gets hurt or sick?

Your child’s safety is our priority. Full medical care is available throughout the Kids Retreat. First aid and clinic care are available by a licensed physician.

Can I contact my child at camp?

In order to prevent homesickness, Kids Retreat does not allow children to call home outside of emergency situations. Updates about camp will be posted hourly on our facebook page.

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